rolling alley

Roller Alley

UTSoA Design Excellence Winner

Professor | Murray Legge

On a site bound by the juxtaposing conditions of a rigid city grid and an organic condition of a natural creek this project had the challenge of combining two similarly contrasting programmatic elements - 

Bowling and Roller Skating. 

While both are primarily activities performed on planar surfaces, their characters are contrasting. Skating allows flowing, two-dimensional movement, while bowling is linear and one-dimensional. In designing within these inherent constants, one must fundamentally question the role of the third-dimension.

This project is about rethinking those constants in order to create new experiences instead of recreating the topological norm. 

The design gives the occupants a new experience of these programs through a manipulation of their old typologies. Bowling is celebrated and experienced perpendicular to the motion line of the ball; giving a new three dimensional understanding of the game. While skating is designed in a way to give a new “track” or “route” experience to the users every time they return. This changing of the path in turn creates a changing experience of the building where Waller Creek is seen through a new eyes with every lap. 

The two programs constantly relate spatially and visually in the project - celebrating their inherent contrast. While the building simultaneously addresses the formal contrast between its urban and natural sides. The building therefore bridges the gap between its opposing programs and site conditions.