essex crossing

Essex Crossing Development

UTSoA Design Excellence Winner

Fort Worth AIA Student Design Honor Award

Professor | Vincent Snyder

Team | Amy McDonnold

New York is a place where the term “mixed use” is almost completely unnecessary, a “mixed use building” is merely a building fitting in and surviving with the rest of the city. The “layered city” is an unavoidable blessing that contributes to the life of NYC as a whole.

This project takes a stance on housing that gets at the heart of what it means to live in NYC, while filling in an experiential gap that has been created in the city’s housing typologies. The standard solution of a “Robert Moses” housing (south of our site) is a success in terms of economy, but a failure in terms of experience. This is countered by the town house (or tenement house - north and west) which is a joy to experience, but a failure in terms of a sustainable density. In our project, we aim meld the two housing typologies together, while layered the program (housing, food market, and museum) of the site both horizontally and vertically in order to achieve two blocks that contribute to what New York has been, needs, and always will be.

"This project succeeds by transforming a complex program into a clear, inventive, and formally rich architectural solution. The process graphics display a sophisticated understanding of urbanism and the challenge of creating a humane density." -Greg Ibañez, FAIA, Ibañez Architecture (Jury member)

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