hill house

Hill House

Office | Murray Legge Architecture

Perched on a steep, rugged hillside in west Austin, this residence engages multiple spectacular long vistas of the surrounding valleys while nesting comfortably into the dense vegetation of adjacent lots.

The design of the house balances between taking advantage of the great views while being careful to not over expose the house and the owners art collection to the harsh Texas sun. 

The complex site is the greatest asset of the project, and allows for the house to step down to the second level instead of up (like most other houses in the area). This gives the house a feeling of blending the inhabitants into the landscape by nesting them into the hillside and trees.

Alex got involved with this project during the schematic design phase, and stayed on the project in various roles through construction documents. Alex produced digital models to test design ideas, as well as renderings and orthographic drawings for the city of Austin and client. He was responsible for interior lighting studies that helped the client understand how the design allowed for natural lighting while keeping the artwork protected. Alex also produced drawings for Murray Legge to use at a lecture on designing spaces for art.