start-up shed

Start-Up Shed

Office | Peterson Rich Office

Feeding in to Gowanus’s burgeoning entrepreneurial culture, P.R.O. examined the potential for architecture to facilitate growing start-ups on the Gowanus Canal. 

The design borrows from the local vernacular of warehouses and light manufacturing sheds to create varieties of flexible spaces. Large, small, and re-configurable workspaces coexist under one roof and encourage the coalescence of enterprising young businesses. Print and fabrication shops, cafés, and exhibition spaces provide amenities that establish the Start-up Shed as a hub for the growing community of entrepreneurs in Gowanus.

The project would simultaneously contribute to the revitalization of the Gowanus economically, culturally, and architecturally.

Alex was involved with this project from start to finish in the office. He worked directly under Nathan Rich and Miriam Peterson, and worked to design and produced digital models, presentation documents, and final visualization  drawings. Using Rhino and V-ray, he produced a highly realistic 3D environment through which the project could be rendered to the point of photo-realism from any vantage point.