maadi innovation center

Maadi Innovation Center

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P.R.O. was commissioned by the World Bank and LevelInfrastructure to propose a design concept for the MaadiInnovation Center, a 200,000sf new technology campus in Cairo Egypt.  The campus will be a world-class public/private partnership meant to boost the technology sector and support innovation-based businesses. The campus will provide space for a dynamic and complementary mix of technology tenants including investors, start-ups, and established tech companies.

Our design aims to mix these varied programs, creating opportunity for tenants to support and learn from one another. The plan is conceived as a campus that is at once inward facing and connected to the surrounding urban context. Multiple above ground concrete volumes define an exterior courtyard space.  Openings between the volumes create opportunity for connection to the surrounding urban context. 

The individual volumes are connected below ground in a large public mixing space, where established companies will share facilities with small start-ups.

Alex was involved with this project from start to finish in the office. He worked directly under Nathan Rich and Miriam Peterson, and worked to design and produced digital models, presentation documents, and final visualization  drawings.