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the buck club

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The Buck Club

The Buck Club will be an old fashioned genuine golf club. Nothing more and nothing less. Members will not find swimming pools, tennis courts, extravagant dining or any other unnecessary distractions when they come to The Buck Club. The club’s sole purpose is to bring a world class golf club to the state of Utah.

This golf oriented, no non-sense thinking will also extend to the design of the buildings and facilities. Members and visitors will not find flashy buildings driven by a desire for a luxurious experience. Instead, the buildings at The Buck Club will be simple, thoughtful spaces that are rooted in and responsive to place, climate, culture, and the rich history of the game. From a dramatic view to elegant natural contours of the ground, a great golf course amplifies and intensifies our experience of the everyday. The clubhouse at TBC has been designed in a way that responds to the land, routing, and rituals of the game in order to create a site specific project that provides a rich experience of the everyday.

The clubhouse has been broken and bent in a way that reacts to the routing and orientation of the golf course. This allows the project to have a unique organization that maximizes views and the visitor’s interaction with the golf course. At the heart of the clubhouse is a large outdoor space that opens up to views of the valley - providing the stage for pre-round preparation as well as post-round gatherings.

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The clubhouse embraces the 1st tee, 18th green, and putting green - providing a backdrop for, and many places to view, anticipated tee shots and dramatic finishes. The long, low proportions and expressive profiles are reminiscent of historic architecture in the region.

The facilities are split into three volumes that are covered by one unifying roof. Outdoor spaces between the volumes, and on the second floor, weave together an indoor-outdoor experience where visitors are encouraged to pause - taking in views of the 1st tee, 18th green, and practice facilities. This facilitates the age old tradition of gathering before and after a round, watching others, and exchanging stories of the day.


In a landscape dotted with small cabins and agricultural buildings, there is a strong sense of regional identity created. The buildings at TBC are intended to blend with this expressive character, by looking to the local build typologies for inspiration. From shape to construction methods and the selection of humble local materials, the buildings at TBC aim to blend with the environmental and cultural landscape of the place.